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 Mr. Al's  Guide to Live Your Vision Now!

A leader in the beauty & hair revolution providing quality hair care products, resources and business development solutions for professionals to excel in the industry.

about us

Affinity Enterprises is well known for providing quality hair care products to licensed stylists, and salon owners for the past 20 years, serving it's mission to Educate, Empower and Inspire beauty industry professionals to achieve phenomenal growth in their respective professions.

We've created a platform to provide beauty industry professionals with the resources and tools necessary to excel in the industry as well as succeed in business and life in a virtual environment. Our clients include some of the top salon, barbers and beauty professionals in the industry.

Xcel Vision is committed to teaching leaders smart decision making and creative problem solving skills, and we are honored to have helped countless clients reach sustainable positive growth. See REVIEWS 


our services

  • Quality Haircare Products

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Business Development

  • Photo Shoots

  • Seminars

  • Product Demonstrations

our products

  • Basic Haircare Products

  • Glampalm Tools

  • Prorituals Hair Color

  • Professional PhotoShoots


To book an appointment for

a Coaching Session,  Consultation, Product Demonstration, or Photoshoot


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