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Our mission is to educate, empower & inspire individuals and businesses who have the desire to succeed in the industry by providing them with everything from professional products, and services, and the necessary to resources, including coaching and consulting to achieve that mission.  

Founded by Mr. Al Walton, Salon Consultant at Affinity Enterprises and Master Distributor at Basic Haircare, Xcel Vision is the culmination of 20 years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry and 16 years' experience in corporate America. Mr. Al's vision is to create a platform to continue providing beauty professionals with the quality products and services, resources and tools they've become accustom to, to excel in the industry as well as succeed in business and life in an ecommerce environment.

Having excelled in every area of his life leading to this moment in the beauty industry - from a entry level customer service representative to sales manager, from course facilitator and trainer to course developer, researching material to create and conduct quality training and development programs for major telecommunication companies such as NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to becoming a enterprising business owner, entrepreneur, and master distributor for Basic Haircare products. 


Mr. Al Believes that anyone with the desire to excel in any endeavor can and will with the right mindset, proper resources and tools, and by aligning themselves with likeminded individuals and businesses. To that end, Xcel Vision was formed and is dedicated to providing individuals with the desire to succeed the opportunity to do so through utilization of its tools and resources. Our site is designed to provide everything from professional products, quality tools and resources, coaching and consulting to achieve that end. 

We are honored that you have entrusted us to assist in your business and personal development.

We look forward to working with you.


Mr. Al  Walton

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